Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Red Commission

When you get a brief like "as long as there is red in it", it pretty much is an artist's dream.

This piece is of faceted coral, howlite, Swarovski pearls, clear quartz, brown freshwater pearls, and vermeil. I really like how the the entire look is substantial yet delicate, with the wireworked coral. The coral beads are a sumptuous red, and the wirework gives it a more airy, romantic look, as opposed to being strung up and packed up against it each other.

Wireworking is so much more labour-intensive, but luckily, I am able to go at it in a relatively therapeutic manner. With my trusty companion, The Style Network. ;)

I also really love how there is that balance/play of the facets of the coral, the sheen of the pearls, and the transluscent bling of the clear quartz. It's one of my basic principles that I always try to have in all my work.

On top of that, I am also very pleased with how the classic nautical colour combo of red, white and blue is upscaled and made even more classic, with the ornate gold bits and the elegant design.

I am so loving how this has turned out. I literally danced in the artistic freedom, and am so thankful to my lovely client for having such faith in my art.

And now, for matching earrings... :)