Thursday, July 9, 2009

New stuff for KL

...smaller hoops...

...modified Chic and Uniques...

...Klimts with '"nouveau" floral beads...

...just the right amount of baroque...

These are just a few of the new stuff going to KL this weekend.

The smaller hoops are simpler, sleeker versions of the original Klimts. The usual Klimts have a more bohemian effect from the handforged swirl, and a more grandiose mien with a bigger, elongated hoop. I have made quite a few of these "mini Klimts", in a variety of colours and colour combos, along with matching wire-wrapped rings. So good for everyday.

The modified Chic and Uniques turned out pretty cool. Very young and fresh. So ready to take on the world...!

I really liked how the elliptical Klimts with floral beads turned out. I think it is such a nice touch seeing that Klimt also had so much inspiration from natural imagery. I also love the artisitc style of the floral graphic itself - so old-school, with filigree and tendrils about. I didn't want to put swirls in 'coz I think it'd look "too much".

The baroque-inspired ones are also very pretty with an "olde worlde" charm, but with a sleek and modern interpretation. I recently treated myself with a book on Baroque painters, and am currently being bowled over by Vermeer, Caravaggio, Velasquez and Brueghel the Elder. Seriously, their work make me wanna cry.

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  1. the first two pairs of earrings are gorgeous! (i especially love the multi hoop drop earrings!)

  2. Thanks Natelle! :) You're up early...

  3. Hi! I am always browsing for earrings in KL and often disappointed by the selection. When I spotted your booth in Isetan and heard that you were a fellow Singaporean, I was really excited. Your work is exquisite and your blog personal and charming. Thank you for showcasing your designs in Malaysia, finally I have a place to buy jewellery. After much consideration ( i wanted them all !!) I bought the bracelet with 2 blue agate stones and the circle of malachite on gold plated ear wires. Can't wait to see your new collection.

  4. Hey Liz,

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It has seriously made my day, and certainly given me the nudge to get on with it. I've been slacking a bit lately, and I really need to get the collection going again, if it is to materialise by Oct...

    Thanks again Liz, for loving and supporting my stuff. Hope to see you around the blog again soon!