Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Dreaming Of A Proper Workstudio/Office...

... again.

I really just need a space where I can focus. Right now I craft on the dining table, and computer which is smack behind the sofa, which is smack in front of the TV. Yes it is a tiny little apartment, and I am always in the line of fire of Hurricane Maya & Ruhi. I just wish I had some place to go and just shut everything and everyone out, even if it's just for one solid hour. I just know I'd be so much more focussed, so much more productive, so much more - well, I don't mean to sound like some spoiled artist type, but - happy.

Gorgeous little home offices aren't they? Which one would you like to come by to discuss your next MAYA & RUHI commission? Or just drop by and hang out? :)

(pics from the nest)

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