Monday, July 30, 2012

New Stuff

These agate slices never cease to mesmerize me.  So raw yet so modern, and so uniquely beautiful, each a true one-of-a-kind piece.  Seriously, I might never ever tire of crafting these gorgeous beauties...

Sky Blue

Hot Pink and Ash

Black & Blue

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching the Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch relay went by our little street on Monday.  As such, people turned out in droves to catch a glimpse of it going by.

The long, hot, wait...

Maya and friends, Issy and Charlie, take the opportunity to raise some money selling drinks, cupcakes, and brownies.


Finally, the sponsors come by.  Coke was giving out bottles of Coke, and Samsung did as much as they could atop the bus to get everyone into party mode.

The Olympic Torch bearer for our leg of the relay was Jennifer Deeney, a Merton local with an inspirational life story, and an impressive portfolio of volunteer work.

The mood was so celebratory, the police motorcade was high-five-ing everyone along the street.

Then it was off to the grounds of Ricards Lodge School nearby for dose of community spirit and an afternoon of family fun.


The steel drum band belts out a rousing rendition of "Tequila"...

...while Maya, Issy and Charlie quickly set up shop.

And they're good to go!  Here are their first customers - hungry little boys! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Stuff

I should have done this a long time ago, these teeny-tiny Chic and Unique hoops.  Coz they're SO cute!  And for some, a lot easier to wear. 

And I love how the huge ones are so funky and sexy, and these teeny-tiny ones are so modern and dainty...

... with a chandelier of deep teal Swarovski crystals.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scenes from Little Venice and Camden

What a day!  It was to be the only nice, dry, sunny day of the entire week, so I took the opportunity do a day out with Those Two, and Maya's school chum, Issy.

Little Venice is a picaresque nook, with numerous residential flat boats moored along the canal.  The London Waterbus took us on a slow, tranquil ride, skimming past Regent Park, London Zoo and Primrose Hill.


Camden is as Camden always is: trashy yet interesting, hedonistic yet wonderful.  A cosmopolitan melting pot, hawking everything you need to be labelled "hip" and/or "cool", from unique, funky accessories to rude T-shirts, goth-wear to independant artisanal tops.  Add to that tattoo and piercing parlours, vegan cafes, and an alcove featuring Peruvian, Ethiopian and Brazilian cuisines, it's a recipe for a super-duper day out.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

School's Out

And here's a list of things-to-do to keep ourselves occupied and out of each other's hair:
-  visit the major parks, i.e. Holland Park, Regent Park, etc.
-  teach Ruhi to two-wheel cycle at Wimbledon Park
-  borrow books from the library
-  days out in Central to soak in the sights and sounds of London
-  check out bits of London other than Central
-  horseriding (?)
-  museums ("Again!?"/ "Yes, again.")

Maya's school broke for the hols a little earlier than Ruhi's.  So I took her to Kensington High Street for a bit of shopping.  And I was surprised to see that trends have gone right back to the Eighties.  Maya was picking up acid-wash cut-off denims, tribal print leggings, and cropped tops.  I was making "Are you kidding me?" and "OMG. Eeew." faces, much to the bemusement of the shopgirls.  I'm thinking, "If you're gonna dress like that, you'd better be educated in the finer aspects of Duran Duran and old skool Madonna."  Ah yes, one more thing-to-do over the holidays. :)

Anyway, by the end of our shopping trip, we'd spent a small fortune, mostly at Urban Outfitters.  And Maya now looks like a bonafide London teen.

If anyone has further suggestions for occupying restless kids, that involves as little spending as possible, please do let me know. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Out Of A Limb

Thank gawd it's Friday.  It's been tough lately.  And I've just about had it with my sore arm.

Actually, I had had it with my sore arm.  See, my right arm has been in strain mode for about a couple of months.  And not one to let it lie, I carried on with the usual every day doings, hoping it would just go away.

Well, go away it didn't.  And with some recent intensive vacuuming due to the dog's flea situation (now remedied), I finally did my arm in.

It hurts. Right from the top of the shoulder, down to the elbow where the pain resonates a little more, and into my forearm.  I have been compensating for effort put off by my arm, with muscle work from my shoulder blade and the right side of my neck.  So basically, my entire right side is effectively broken. Goddamit.*unhappy sigh*

So I got a bout of acupuncture done.  Seriously, something I should have not waited two months and a completely busted upper right side to do.  I've also been advised to lay off my arm as much as I can.  As such, I shouldn't even be crafting or crocheting.  Oh, man! (Though I must admit, I have slyly and quickly spun out a couple of supa-cute teeny-tiny Chic and Unique hoops.  But I have quite successfully ignored the cries of my granny square throw-in-progress, albeit with much heartbreak.)

Incremental Progress is Progress. - optimism, focus, work hard, eat right - digital art print with wisdom intact

Happy to report, I am feeling a lot better.  Though I'm not quite up to par to pick up the vacuum cleaner just yet, but I'm good to sort out the more immediate necessity of the laundry, and fry up some sausages and roast some potatoes for dinner tonight.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to just chillaxing at home friends and family.  The weather is going to be ghastly and berserkly (no, there isn't such a word) wet; the traffic, with the finals at Wimbledon, is going to be even worse.  So here's to a comfy, cozy weekend at home!

(pic via liquorice whip)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gratuitous Fabulous Jewelry Pic

The Fantasia Multicolor Crystal Earrings by Portugese designer, Andrea Mader.  Curvaceous and feminine, and exquisitely loud. There's something so timeless, yet unconventional, about it. Love, love, love!! :)