Thursday, July 12, 2012

School's Out

And here's a list of things-to-do to keep ourselves occupied and out of each other's hair:
-  visit the major parks, i.e. Holland Park, Regent Park, etc.
-  teach Ruhi to two-wheel cycle at Wimbledon Park
-  borrow books from the library
-  days out in Central to soak in the sights and sounds of London
-  check out bits of London other than Central
-  horseriding (?)
-  museums ("Again!?"/ "Yes, again.")

Maya's school broke for the hols a little earlier than Ruhi's.  So I took her to Kensington High Street for a bit of shopping.  And I was surprised to see that trends have gone right back to the Eighties.  Maya was picking up acid-wash cut-off denims, tribal print leggings, and cropped tops.  I was making "Are you kidding me?" and "OMG. Eeew." faces, much to the bemusement of the shopgirls.  I'm thinking, "If you're gonna dress like that, you'd better be educated in the finer aspects of Duran Duran and old skool Madonna."  Ah yes, one more thing-to-do over the holidays. :)

Anyway, by the end of our shopping trip, we'd spent a small fortune, mostly at Urban Outfitters.  And Maya now looks like a bonafide London teen.

If anyone has further suggestions for occupying restless kids, that involves as little spending as possible, please do let me know. :)

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