Friday, July 6, 2012

Out Of A Limb

Thank gawd it's Friday.  It's been tough lately.  And I've just about had it with my sore arm.

Actually, I had had it with my sore arm.  See, my right arm has been in strain mode for about a couple of months.  And not one to let it lie, I carried on with the usual every day doings, hoping it would just go away.

Well, go away it didn't.  And with some recent intensive vacuuming due to the dog's flea situation (now remedied), I finally did my arm in.

It hurts. Right from the top of the shoulder, down to the elbow where the pain resonates a little more, and into my forearm.  I have been compensating for effort put off by my arm, with muscle work from my shoulder blade and the right side of my neck.  So basically, my entire right side is effectively broken. Goddamit.*unhappy sigh*

So I got a bout of acupuncture done.  Seriously, something I should have not waited two months and a completely busted upper right side to do.  I've also been advised to lay off my arm as much as I can.  As such, I shouldn't even be crafting or crocheting.  Oh, man! (Though I must admit, I have slyly and quickly spun out a couple of supa-cute teeny-tiny Chic and Unique hoops.  But I have quite successfully ignored the cries of my granny square throw-in-progress, albeit with much heartbreak.)

Incremental Progress is Progress. - optimism, focus, work hard, eat right - digital art print with wisdom intact

Happy to report, I am feeling a lot better.  Though I'm not quite up to par to pick up the vacuum cleaner just yet, but I'm good to sort out the more immediate necessity of the laundry, and fry up some sausages and roast some potatoes for dinner tonight.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to just chillaxing at home friends and family.  The weather is going to be ghastly and berserkly (no, there isn't such a word) wet; the traffic, with the finals at Wimbledon, is going to be even worse.  So here's to a comfy, cozy weekend at home!

(pic via liquorice whip)

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