Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Inking Itch

Truth be told, I am SO dying to get more tattoos.  I have been longing for a pair of swallows with MAYA and RUHI on the inside of each forearm.  Seriously, my heart literally aches...

And it doesn't help, seeing all the massive talent and mastery out here in London.

There's Saira Hunjan.  Gob-smacking work with echoes of traditional Indian henna designs.

Saira Hunjan   
  My idol tattoo artist Saira Hunjans work     

Nikole Lowe.  Slap-in-your-face work - outstandingly daring and so goddamned cool.

Nikole Lowe tattoos <3  Nikole Lowe at I Love Good Times Tattoo, London Alice's Skull backpiece by Nikole Lowe #tattoo     Nikole Lowe - London Ink #japanese #tattoo

And Jaclyn Rehe.  Whose nouveau old skool style is supa-cute and so gotta-have!!

Jaclyn Rehe


Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Happens

As blog post records show, it takes me about or month or so to recover from Christmas and the New Year. So here I am.

Since my last post, I have travelled to Dubai to spend Christmas with family, maintained my yoga habit of practising every other day, discovered that Brixton has gone boho, resolved to smile more, sprained my ankle (twice), acquired me a Cambridge Satchel, played in the snow over The Big Freeze, and did some Scottish dancing (in between spraining my ankle twice).  It's a lot of stuff to go into, so I'll just let the pics speak for themselves. :)