Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scenes from Little Venice and Camden

What a day!  It was to be the only nice, dry, sunny day of the entire week, so I took the opportunity do a day out with Those Two, and Maya's school chum, Issy.

Little Venice is a picaresque nook, with numerous residential flat boats moored along the canal.  The London Waterbus took us on a slow, tranquil ride, skimming past Regent Park, London Zoo and Primrose Hill.


Camden is as Camden always is: trashy yet interesting, hedonistic yet wonderful.  A cosmopolitan melting pot, hawking everything you need to be labelled "hip" and/or "cool", from unique, funky accessories to rude T-shirts, goth-wear to independant artisanal tops.  Add to that tattoo and piercing parlours, vegan cafes, and an alcove featuring Peruvian, Ethiopian and Brazilian cuisines, it's a recipe for a super-duper day out.


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