Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New stuff for KL

Here's some of the designs that are going to KL this weekend. This is probably my last shipment, until the launch of a cohesive collection in October, that will last 3 months.

So I am scrambling to get as many out as possible, before I take a short breather. And then throw myself into research and studies, before I have to design and craft up over 40 styles for the new collection.

Should be interesting... It's such a big challenge for me, but I am so much looking forward to see how this first proper collection turns out. I just hope the lovely people who have been buying MAYA & RUHI will think it's great too...


  1. a friend gave me one of your bangle for my birthday. i'm wondering... can you do my wedding jewelry?

  2. Hi Zee,

    Sure, I'd be most honoured to be able to custom your wedding jewelry. But it really depends how soon you need it. Drop me an email, and we can discuss it.

    Thanks for loving my art, Zee!


  3. *is in love with the first pair of earrings*

  4. Thanks Natellet! Alas, it won't be on etsy. A deal I made with KL-side. But since you're way over in NZ, there's always Alchemy... ;)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE them rings! They are GORGEOUS!

    Great work babe!