Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ongoing Commission

A luscious freshwater pearl cuff... so elegant, and swoon-worthy. This design and techinique was created by a prolific jewelry artist named Eni Oken, and I had used it before on the Wedding Party Set (gosh, I'm not very creative with the names huh?), which was packed with amethysts, pink sapphires, onyx and pearls, and it turned out fabulously diva-esque.

This pearl number, however, is turning out completely different, even with the same desgin concept. It just looks so delicate, so romantic. Plus it has a somewhat bohemian sophisticate feel about it with the way the freshwater pearls are slightly irregular in shape, yet it's fabulously luxe at the same time. :)

I should be done with this pretty soon. Will post pics of finished product... ;)

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