Friday, July 3, 2009

Commissioned Klimts In Silver

I don't usually do Klimts in silver. Firstly, because it's not very prominent in Klimt's own colour scheme. And secondly, for some reason, the silver artistic wire I use, is not as sturdy as the brass.

So I had this special request from one of my best customers EVER, to make her a pair of Klimts, in silver. I crafted it up, and the frame was too malleable for my liking. And so I hammered the hell out of it. The frame ends up having this slightly flattened look, but it becomes much more sturdy. I think it adds to the artisinal effect of the crafting too.

I didn't hammer the swirl though, 'coz I didn't want the WHOLE thing to look flat. I am really pleased how this has turned out. :)


  1. These are really pretty! maybe on my next pay day, I may commission you to make me a pair just like these too! :)

  2. These are really pretty! The pastel and silver really go together. So tweet! =) I may need to get one of these! (ok one thing at a time tsuyinn... FOCUS tsuyinn...FOCUS...)

  3. OK. I will ready myself with anvil and hammer for the two of you...