Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Re-organisation of MAYA & RUHI

I am in the midst of coming up with a proper workplan as to how I provide for KL. Just coming up with designs every month or so is taking its toll on me, and on my time spent on custom clients and high end pieces for colette. At some frantic point or the other, it also takes its toll on my time with These Two.

Which is the last thing I want, because the whole point of my choosing to stay at home was to be with These Two.

So I figure I should basically have 4 collections in a year, based on some theme, so that it helps me concentrate my time more focussedly (is there such a word?). I will do research and studies, then design and crafting in the 2 months that lead up to the launch of a collection.

And between then and the next collection, I can focus on custom work and colette creations... Sounds like a plan. But I have yet to find out how effective it is...(keeping fingers, and toes, crossed...)

The details of this work plan is still on the drawing board. And I am waiting to hear from my good friend, associate and business-guru-fashionista, Rachel, so I can fine-tune the re-organisaiton. But I am very excited to take steps towards growing my knowledge, my art, and my little business. Plans will unfold at this site, so watch this space! ;)

Equally excited is Maya, who asks enthusiastically if I am busy and if she can help, almost every day. She likes to help write lists, itemise inventory, and pack pieces into boxes and envelopes.

Ruhi, on the other hand, is more interested in pretending to be a super-spy, hunting down the odd stray bead on the floor near my work table, and quietly stashing it away in her own little treasure box.


  1. Hi Pearl! Maya & Ruhi are simply adorable & lovable! Don't rush on my piece. You can take your time till next year because I know that your creation will be worth waiting for! Take care & send my regards to Maya & Ruhi!

  2. Babe, I just finished your piece last night!! I'm just waiting for my camera battery to recharge before I can take some pics... ;)

  3. Maya and Ruhi are SOO sweet!