Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vivienne Westwood's ANGLOMANIA

Woo-hoo! I just got tickets to go to the show on May 10. Very, very exciting for me. I have been an admirer of her and her work since I was about 12.

Throughout her career, Vivienne Westwood has been the go-to designer for out-of-the-box, street-savvy looks, whether casual or couture. She does punk and high fashion equally deftly, and in both very different genres, you can see the Vivienne Westwood-ness of it. Her style is ultimately rebellious with a streak of whimsy, outrageous without being inaccessible. The mark of a true fashion genius.

In her seventies now, Westwood was awarded a Royal Honour in June 2006 for her contribution to the arts, which makes her now Dame Vivienne Westwood to you and me. She received her award from Prince Charles in a no-nonsense 50's-style black dress with, blue eyeliner and matching blue eyebrows, hair accessories of silver devil horns, and, as usual, no underwear.

The Vivienne Westwood ANGLOMANIA show is the closing show of the Audi Fashion Festival 2009 in Singapore. Other designers showing are Marc Jacobs, Ashley Isham and Christian Lacroix.


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  2. Extremely Hot dresses ! Well done Vivienne !