Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Agate chokers

I love, love, love how all of these turned out. I had stumbled along these strands of agate slices in Shanghai, and though they looked a bit banged-up and crazy hanging in the supplies shop, I saw how they could also be thoroughly 'vogue'.

So what I have done is simply put in tiny 24K vermeil spacers, to luxe it up without affecting the organic fall of the piece. So that when worn, it sits on the collar in a gorgeous leaf-fall formation.

How super is this? I love how this dramatic blue piece happens to have an Evil Eye as a centrepiece...

... how the colour and leaf-fall of this fuchsia- pink one is uber-chic and organic at the same time...

...and how this black one will look so 21st-century Katherine Hepburn with a simple white button-down shirt.

These will be up in the Etsy shop by coming weekend.

**Update, 30 April: All of the above have found loving homes... :)


  1. You design so beutiful jewelry!!
    I just love to wear my earrings that you have made - they are so pretty! And I always gets lots of compliments when wearing them :)

  2. THank you so much Jorunn! SO nice to hear from you! I am very glad you are enjoying your earrings... :)

  3. Hi Pearl :) It's Natelle here. I recently bought two pairs of gorgeous earrings from you! You sent me an etsy convo with your blogspot url, so I'm just dropping by to say hello. I LOVE these agate necklaces, especially the blue one! They're so bold. :O

  4. oh my, that blue agate one is absolutely breathtaking!! amazing work as always pearl :)

    xx yan

  5. Hi Natelle! So glad to see you here! Thanks!!

  6. Thanks Yan! See you in June!! :D