Saturday, April 25, 2009

New stuff

Actually I have a version of these art nouveau-inspired pieces at the Etsy shop right now, in a transluscent ocean teal crystal. It's been selling relatively well, so I have decided to try it in other colours, and it has turned out pretty excellent.

This one with cherry Swarovski crystal is so bold and sexy, while the other one with amethyst Swarovski crystal is moody and elegant. I love how these turned out. I will be listing these soon.

As for this one below, I found these gorgeous coin pearls when I was in Shanghai recently, with a glorious sheen and lovely iridescent pink lustre. I thought I should just let it shine pretty much on its own, so I left it simple, with this long 14K gold plated ear wire.


  1. I love these chic pearl earrings.

    They look both very modern and antiquated at the same time!


  2. Thanks Maura! So nice to hear from you! :) Yes, these are very, very sweet.

  3. Really nice earrings I love it! Good job!