Monday, April 27, 2009

Festering mess

This is the spillover mess from my workspace. It has been such hot days, and I have had to position myself in the middle of the sofa, directly under the ceiling fan (which is also conveniently smack in front of the TV) to do my crafting.

It's terrible that there is one seat less on the sofa. I am not proud. It worries me that I have absolutely no control over my burgeoning work area/clutter.

On a happier note, I do tend to be more productive. I am comfortably sunk into the sofa, cooled by the fan, and entertained by a continuous stream of the Style Network's usual fare. Last night I managed to complete 2 chokers (if you look closely you can see the blue one lying there) half-watching Dr. 90210, Kimora, and Peter Perfect (...riveting stuff). Pictures of them gorgeous agate chokers shall be posted tomorrow. I shall go photograph them now... :)

(See? That's how I end up not ever getting round to tidying up... There's just so many more fun/important things to do!)

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