Friday, April 17, 2009

Mental diahorrea

So, I have all these ideas in my head.

I have endless visions about my hoop/disc earrings every time I am idle for more than 2 seconds. I do imagery gymnastics, if you know what I mean, because I imagine how and where the wire will bend and go, and then how things could or could not fall into place, what combination of stones, and how they will go on... and on... and on...

Another idea I am playing around with is to have all my old stock sold off at a discount, with much of the proceeds going to charity. That would work well no? I have a friend, Tania, who founded a sick children's home in Beijing, Blue Sky Healing Home, and I'd like to do this for her. It would be one of these home jewelry parties I think, 'coz she has quite a few contacts, and it would be so nice to have an intimate air with a homestyle-tea-party type of thing. Anyone interested, do drop me a note, I'll send you an invite and the address when the time comes...

Yet another thing I am toying with in my head, is to have a monthly giveaway at this blog. I'd like to stay close to my customers, and would love that we become friends. It just makes it all the more fun. Don't you think?

OK, so let's see when these will materialise... first to do so is probably the hoop/disc earrings, which you will get to see... soon... we hope. ;)

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