Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thing To Do Today

I have been in a terrible funk the past few days. Completely lethargic, totally apathetic, and downright doldrum-ed. To the point of ordering take-out instead of preparing a healthy meal, and even forgetting to water the plants 2 days back.

It's quite a horror; not at all pretty. I'm just lolling about the sofa like a sack of potatoes, sleeping endlesesly, and dragging myself to accomplish bare necessities.

Even Those Two were asking: "Mummy, are you feeling 'bleeuurgh'?", before Maya jumps up to do what she knows need done around the house, and Ruhi promptly places her palm on my forehead to administer some hands-on healing...

According to my trusty horoscope, it was to do with the alignment of the planets, and things are expected to clear up by tomorrow.

Honestly speaking, I am feeling a little better today. More "up for It", and ever so slightly more gung-ho'd.

And since I was planning to fill my Etsy shop up with more Klimts (there are only 2 left), I shall be spending the morning crafting up the hoops and swirls for them. Nothing like some therapeutic wirework to get productivity levels up... ;)

(pic via argentacollaborative)

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