Thursday, May 13, 2010

The MAYA & RUHI Facebook Page

All day yesterday, I toiled. What with the old computer dying (hence, no archive of pics to count on), I was saving pics from the Etsy shop, the facebook group, and past emails, so that I could upload them to my brand new MAYA & RUHI artisan jewelry facebook page.

Yes, the group was doing OK. But the features weren't entirely conducive to helping me keep organised. The Photo Gallery didn't have an Albums feature, so ALL my work was just in one massive "container", so to speak.

Since creating the Page, I have organised my stuff a bit more, and it's just so much more pleasant to be at. Plus it's linked with tabs to the blog, and the Etsy shop.

I think we might just have a lot more fun here. I am feeling more up to it already! ;)

*Click on the screen grab above to go directly to the page. When you get there, click "like" to receive updates! :)

1 comment:

  1. Happy organising! I love your dangling pieces but am afraid my baby will tug and pull. Well, I figured with such attractive colours, my son or baby will tug at it anyway. Trust your strings are strong enuf, haha!