Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maya the Taekwondo Champ

Today, Maya brought home gold from the National Poomsae Competition. A poomsae is a series of taekwondo moves, so the competition is a non-contact event.

It was really interesting to watch all the competitors do their thing. Coz poomsae is really quite a beautiful thing to watch, if done properly. So graceful, yet powerful at the same time.

There are individual events, as well as pairs and team events, where their perform their poomsae in unison. Very nice... :)

Maya (in the middle of the pic), and her partner, Tze Enn, receive final tips from Teacher Suren (in black) just before going on to the mat.

Maya and Tze Enn, on the mat, just before beginning their poomsae.

I'm so proud of my Maya, the Gold Medallist! :D

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  1. Maya must be Really good at Taekwondo!