Monday, May 10, 2010

New Stuff at Etsy

Seriously, aren't these just to die for? I went into a fengshui shop a couple of weeks back, and these dyed agate slices just about punched me in the stomach, and slapped me in the face. They are absolutely breathtaking.

And so I came away with about 10 pieces. All of them so, so unqiue, and so, so gorgeous! These are a bit of a stray from my usual neo-classical looking necklaces, but I am just so bowled over by these pieces of agates with their lovely natural banding, and chic and modern colours. And that's why I kept it very simple and minimalistic, so that the stone takes absolute centerstage.

Click on the necklace for more pics of it at its Etsy listing.

Still to come are more purples and pinks, some blues and greens...
And I also got my hands on some pretty astounding kyanite bars... wait till you see them! =)

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