Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruhi's Thing For Taekwondo

Ruhi waits patiently for her turn to enter the dojang to do her thing

Over this weekend, Ruhi had her taekwondo grading, which is like an examination during which she has to display some kicks and punches, and then perform a poomsae, which is a series of fight moves that becoming increasingly complicated as you advance.

So if all goes well, Ruhi will receive her green belt, and will have to begin sparring as part of her taekwondo curriculum. She is super proud of herself, and is very much looking forward to sparring. I've warned her about falling and getting her ass kicked as part of the process of learning (coz Maya does end up with bruises after sparring sessions sometimes), and she still seems quite keen.

Inside the dojang just before the test

Next weekend: Maya goes for her black belt grading...

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  1. Way to go, Ruhi! Do your best, Ruhi!!!