Friday, April 9, 2010

No Time To Think

Since having most of the housework to myself after the going home of my live-in help, I have become ten-fold busier, and a hundred-fold less interesting. You can even see that in my blog posts. Gone are the lengthy prose on personalities and things of interest. Instead, everything now borders on rickety ramblings of a person with too little time to do, let alone say, anything vaguely interesting.

Why that's so, I will tell you. Because I have far less time to sit and look at my magazines and books, far less time to sit and scour the Internet for stuff of, well, interest.

On top of that, I am busy. Here's what's on my work-work plate:

1. Custom piece for L (dramatic multistrand necklace)

2. Custom piece for T (fancy wraparound necklace of lapis lazuli, turquoise and carnelian)

3. Custom piece for J (fancy wraparound necklace of coral, turquoise and amethyst)

4. Completion of the new collection for KL (which includes itemising, pricing and invoicing)

5. New concepts down pat, but to make more pieces for colette (also includes itemising, pricing and invoicing)

6. Replenish stock at Nuroots (ditto)

7. Stop ignoring the Etsy shop (the "what" shop?)

8. Start thinking about new collection for KL (suggestions, anyone? Must be art/history-related...)

9. Metal Clay course (next week is the last class, but I am very tempted by the advanced course in which we get to play with real stones...)

10. Make blog interesting (a bit like what I am trying to do now)

On top of all this, there is the house-work, which include the physical nitty-gritty of laundry, sink duty, watering the plants, sweeping the floor, cooking, washing up... And then the home-work, which entails the daily moral training, academic monitoring and chaperoning to the various activities of Those Two. So you see, I have, not ONE, not TWO, but THREE jobs. ;)

I need to sit right down and get one of those posts going. Those "This is..." ones. I find them thoroughly exhilarating to research and write about. But for now, while I try to find some kind of routine, things could get slightly less "happening".

Though, the coming posts will probably get a lot more showcase-y, coz I have all this new stuff to complete...


  1. Good luck with all your work, Pearl! Can't wait to see what you will post next!

  2. Oh, Emily! Youa re so sweet! You have no idea how encouraging your comment is to me... Thank you so much!! :D