Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

And just like that, we're nearing the end of April. I tell you, time really flies when you work from home, with two kids, and no help.

So I am back with a full plate. (Oh let's face it, when is it ever even half-empty.) The housework alone is "endearingly" neverending... "broken record" would be an understatement, because you could still pull the plug on the goddamned player... But dishes and laundry? Only if you're willing to wear the same clothes and eat off the same plate a few days... ;S

If I sat at my worktable with work-work 24 hours a day, at least I'd be churning out pieces and creating different designs.

But 24 hours of home-work is EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF. That's what drives me nuts. Not the physical labour, but the repetition-with-no-chance-of-change. Gawd forbid if a spanner is thrown into the works: someone questions your laundry tactic, someone complains about the food, near-dry laundry gets wet in the rain, the dog pees on Ruhi's bed from a thunder scare (yep, happened 2 days back)... Argh! Or would that be a welcome change...? 0_0 Yes, it's official: I am losing my mind.

Anyhoo, life is such. Or as my mother-in-law (bless her), who is a dedicated and accomplished stay-at-home mom (I don't know how she's done it), would say, "Life is like that only." So yes, it will be a happy Monday after all. :)

This one is for you, Ma! :D

(pic via Anne Taintor)

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