Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Full Moon Mayhem

"Starry Night", Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Oh no, it's a full moon tonight. Which means I can look forward to a debilitating migraine all of today and tomorrow.

I get Full Moon Headaches. Strange, but true - I swear. I've googled it, and I am not alone.

You see, there are aero-ion particles in the air we breathe. And these aero-ions can be negative, or positive ions. Ion scientists have been researching for years, and have since discovered that an imbalance in the ratio of negative ions to positive ions in the air we breathe has profound effects on our mental and physical states.

When there are more positive ions in the air, we tend to be lethargic. (In my case, lethargic with a solid, pounding migraine, and some nausea thrown in.) When there are more negative ions in the air, we're good. Because apparently, negative ions have no bad effect.

We are all sensitive to these ion imbalances, though different people in varying degrees (of "lunacy" I suppose). That's why some enterprising fella out there invented negative ion generators, and is now making good money from those things being sold all over the world.

The positive ions in the air does something to serotonin levels, and that explains the irrationality of it all. Frankly speaking, anything to do with hormonal change can justify whatever stupid behaviour there is. No? :S (Hmm... van Gogh himself did some pretty silly stuff. I wonder if they were done on full moon days...)

And so, I shall try and accomplish as much as I can today. Because tomorrow I shall be rendered immobile, lying on the sofa the entire day in foetal position, occasionally pinching my eyebrows and pounding at my forehead, in a bid to hammer the headache away.

Having said this though, there is just something about the full moon. Despite the "just let me die now" state I get into, I am so in love with it - the way it looks, the magical light it gives, the sense of The Bigger Picture it persuades me to keep.

So even if I suffer like hell from having it around, I am reminded of the days that I DON'T have these horrible headaches, and so get on with It like the Happy Camper I should be. ;)

(pic via wikipedia)


  1. I'm sorry you won't be feeling well! I think it's also the fact that the moon influences water and tides. Our bodies are 70% water, so they must be affected too.

  2. Yep, and that too, I have heard. You're right, Molly.