Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Experimental Rings

Last night, as soon as Those Two went to bed, I got my Metal Clay toolbox out. I had been wanting to have a go at these for the longest time, and last night, even if I had tonnes of other seriously pending work-work, I had to get these out of my head.

These are my first experimental pieces outside of the classroom. Can you tell which one is Experiment Number One? ;S I sort of like the organic look with the unabashed bling. (Nice rationale for wonky reasons... heh heh.)

So the one on the left is with cubic zirconia, and the one on the right is a lab-grown aquamarine (which has not photographed very well, and is a much prettier powder-blue "in person"). I am using only synthetic stones, because I have no idea about firing natural stones. They tend to be less hardy, and might discolour/crack/melt... I can't afford that happening while my clay is on its way to becoming 999 silver. Not yet, anyway. ;)

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