Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Lesson

There is nothing quite like the violation of having your house help steal from you. On one hand, you feel sorry for them, and on the other, you think "WTF?!" As such, I am a tad fragile at the mo...

As of today, I am done with having live-in help. After all, Those Two are more independant, and are away at school half the day, which gives me some time to do my thing. In fact, in the 2 weeks' interim without help, Those Two proved to be excellent little helpers themselves. Who knew! We wouldn't, had it not for Olive (bless her) wanting to go back to the Philippines to get married and settle down.

For the past 3 weeks, we had new help. 3 days into her stay with us, my husband had money missing from his wallet. He said he was 99% sure about the missing 10-dollar note. He decided to give her a stern warning, and give her a 2nd chance.

Then 2 days ago, I had 10 dollars missing from my wallet. And I was 100% sure. So today, I told her to pack up and leave. I am sure between my husband's 10 dollars and my 10 dollars, she must have pilfered here and there from piggy banks and the coin pool too... oh well.

At the end of this whole experience, I am pretty sure of not ever having live-in help. Plus, I am positive it's going to be a better life perspective for all of us.


  1. That's so horrible! I can imagine how violated you must feel! Good luck moving forward with your new perspective!

  2. I certainly feel more free and comfortable without live in help... And really, the kids will be more independent, more responsible too.. Bravo

  3. I've had live in helpers - all seven of them in the past 10 years - 2 ran away, 1 eloped, and a whole series of problems - I could write a book. Anyway, the day we sent our Cambodian maid back 2 years ago was the best decision. the house is not clean and we are slaves to them at times..but we have no maid problems. Good the hear the helpers are starting to help mummy :) Have a good weekend.