Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On A Break

This morning I am off to do some things I have to do on a want-to-do basis. Which includes collecting some cheques, meeting up with good friends for lunch, and hanging out at the bookstore (which is particularly exciting because I shall be stocking up on magazines!)

Since being without live-in help, I have half the time to do what I need to get done. And though it could end up being stressful, I am realising that I have become more efficient with how I spend my time. At the end of the day, I seem to have gotten more things done than I have ever before.

Whether it's work-work, or home-work, or even time-out, I find myself using whatever time I have more wisely. And that 's what makes life (however short) so much more meaningful. :)

(pic via icanread)

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  1. Good for you, Pearl! Minus helper = More organised + More efficient. Do take it easy, afterall, you're the Queen of your own home!