Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Leaf Pendant

This is another project from my Metal Clay course.

What we had to do was wet our clay into the consistency of paste, and then use a paintbrush to dab the paste onto a leaf. This particular leaf was from a bougainvillea bush just outside the classroom.

So we had to let one layer of paste dry up, then apply another. And then let that one dry, and then apply another. Until the leaf-plus-paste is sturdy enough not to be blown away by the hairdryer. Then we fire it up, give it a brush, and then there you have it - a 99.9 fine silver leaf. The actual leaf is distintegrated in the firing process.

I love the juxtapose of an organic subject with such a glorious pure silver sheen. Our instructor also gave us tips on how to embellish the silver leaf's surface with bling. I think that would be SO interesting and absolutely gorgeous!