Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Makes Me Think

And that is why I am investing in a Metal Clay jewelry making course. I'm going to learn how to craft up sterling silver jewelry, mainly rings, bangles and cuffs.

I really can't wait. I have always wanted to be able to create rings with stone settings, make uber-cool cuffs, and set stones in ultra-dramatic bangles. And come mid-March I will learn how. :D

Which means April's giveaway might just be one of my more successful experiments... ;)

(pic via icanread)


  1. I can't wait too! I've been waiting for you to make jewelry like that:)

  2. Very true words, Pearl! Good luck with your class!

  3. sounds exciting, have fun!!

  4. Ritika said....

    Great stuff!! i love your simplicity... it makes anything look glamorous!!!