Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First Ring

I started my Metal Clay course and this was what I made - a solid 99.9 fine silver ring with a synthetic emerald. :)

So this metal clay stuff is just absolutely amazing! It starts out like grey Playdough, and you just shape it the way you want, put it under the hairdryer for 10 minutes, then over the stove on a little grill for 2 minutes. Give it a brush, and voila!

OK so the basic principles are easy-peasy, but in reality, it does involve a lot of fine motor skills, and if you have a nice design, it requires a creative application of the various techniques on how to manipulate the clay.

So although the design of my ring is a little dated and I'm not a fan of green, this was one that the entire class had to do in order to grasp the basics, and understand the nature of the clay. Also, the need to remember that only synthetic stones are able to withstand the heat involved, and that green stones (even if synthetic) NEVER takes to heat, oddly enough. So this emerald was set only AFTER the ring was baked and polished.

I have 4 more lessons to go, and I can't wait to see what else I can come up with. I am already getting rather ambitious-looking pieces in my head, and working backwards as to how it can be made from an unassumingly unimpressive little lump of clay...

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