Monday, January 4, 2010

Scenes from London

The charming winter conditions made London not all susceptible to being photographed. But here are the better shots off my trusty Sony Ericsson phone camera...

Those Two planning their route at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. It was far too cold. And piping hot mulled wine was my best friend that day...

Braving the sales, just for the sake of it. There's not much there that you can't get here in Singapore. But we just HAD to go to Hamley's, the 7-storey toy store...

Dank weather plus big crowds: story of our London trip...

More crowd...

... and more dank weather.

... so the pub-thing had to get done.

Ruhi missing her ballet class outside this ballet supplies shop.

I don't think any normal kid would look this happy to be in a graveyard. This was the Brompton Road Cemetery, through which we took a shortcut walking from Fulham to South Kensington. Eerie, but very interesting...

A street performer at Covent Garden.

At Heathrow, Those Two catch up on some quiet reading while we wait to check-in.


  1. great post! gosh i am having total phone camera envy right now! :D did you end up travelling outside of london too?

  2. No, we never left London. The entire family had congregated there (one sister-in-law lives there), and there was more than enough to do scouring the supermarkets and cooking up lunches and dinners all together. Yes, we're kinda big on food.

    And Those Two had a blast with their cousins they don't see so often... It was a super holiday, even if we didn't get to see all the sights! :)

  3. wow!! i am planning to go to london... it's so pretty!