Thursday, January 14, 2010

On My Lust List...

How genius is a Mix 'n Match Watch-n-Bracelet, you tell me? I chanced upon this on one of my many magazine forays, charged towards the website, only to find myself even more smitten by the entire idea of creating your very own piece of La Mer.

You can either shop from the existing collection, or customise a piece for yourself. La Mer's website has this really clever feature that lets you pick your preference of a watch face, a strap colour, and a set of charms, and bungs it all together seamlessly, to entice you into clicking the 'Add Watch To Cart" button.

Very dangerous stuff, if you're the click-happy Internet-shopper. You know, the type that zone out and start chanting "Got. To. Have.". 'Coz seriously, these things are just too goddamned cute!

(Funny thing. I showed Maya the website so she could have some fun mixing and matching, and she said, "Why would anyone want to call their stuff 'Lame-er'?")


  1. OMG! Simply GOR-GEOUS!! Thanks for sharing, Pearl!

  2. Hey Dawn, how's it going? Ain't it just SOO-PER!? I know, you like the RED one right? ;)

  3. OMG that red one is MINE! I am DEFINITELY a click-happy online shopper :( :( :( bad for my health!

  4. Deep breaths, Natelle, deep breaths... ;)