Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The MAYA & RUHI Jan10 Collection - Monet's Garden

This season, MAYA & RUHI pays homage to my hands-down most favourite painting in the whole wide world, Claude Monet's "Garden Path in Giverny", circa 1902.

I love it so much because it was painted at a point in Monet's life where he had already gained recognition for being the founder of Impressionism, and had just settled his young family in a country house with a sprawling garden, in Giverny, just outside Paris. The painting is of his very own garden. And that's a whole other story...

Monet's garden is legendary, and a masterpiece in its own right. He designed the entire layout himself, putting in pathways, ponds, and even Japanese-inspired bridges. He picked every single species and variety of flower, and determined where each would be grown. And according to their colour and bloom phases, Monet orchestrated the look of his garden through the seasons.

Monet's garden is open to the general public at a small fee today, and is managed by 2 supervisors and 8 gardeners. It would be an absolute I-am-not-worthy privilege for me, if I could make my way to Giverny one day, and revel in Monet's garden for an afternoon. I will be the one walking up and down the paths and bridges with audible whimpers of ecstasy, and most probably, tears of joy rolling down my face. And then to get me back up on the tour bus, you'd have to slap me silly.

"Harmony" earrings

As such, the "Monet's Garden" Collection is a celebration of colours and how they all come together. I love how there is a high-density of hues in the painting, and how there is not quite a form, yet you know what's going on, which is what Impressionism is all about.

"Garden Shade" , "Garden Rain" earrings

The pieces are all aptly titled, echoing the garden's beauty and sense of harmony. So most of them are based on flora...

"Rosea" rings

"Bouquet" earrings

"Honeysuckle Blush" choker

I am particularly proud of the multi-strand chokers. They are so feminine, yet so dramatic; so chunky in itself, yet so delicate to look at. There is a strong connection in both colour and form. And if you look closely enough, you might just find that piece of MAYA & RUHI in "Garden Path in Giverny"... ;)

"Of Marigolds and Fuchsias" choker

"Water Garden" choker

What you have seen here is just a part of the collection. The entire ensemble is making its way to Kuala Lumpur as we speak, and should be on the shelves by the weekend. Any more specific information, Rachel is your woman. ;)


  1. WOW! Pearl, I just can't wait to own your Garden's collection. Love the Marigolds & Fuchsias and the bouquet earrings.. what a delight! Must control.. must control...

  2. Top left pair of bouquet earrings = LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I get paid I'm totally gonna buy that pair :D :D

  3. Good eye, Natelle... I think that's the only one of all my Bouquets with 5 colours in it... ;)

  4. MY MY MY!!! Breathtaking! Go celebrate, reward yourself...

    I LUV THE RINGS, just looking at them makes me "Smile"...