Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Flat Feet and High Heels

I have discovered a lifesaver.

You see, I have terribly flat feet. My "special needs feet", I call them. Feet so flat I have to wear Birkies on a permanent basis, as advised by the orthopaedic surgeon. I should ever only be out of Birkies when I take a shower or go for a swim. Yes, that's how bad.

So, as you will know wearing Birkies everywhere can be somewhat of a style bummer. So I got the Birkies inserts, which are stiff as metal plates, and fit only into flat shoes. And for the longest time, I refused to entertain hopes of wearing trendy high heels.

Until the other day, for some reason, I went looking around in the ladies' shoes department at Isetan, and saw this. Scholl's Adjustable Gel Arch Supports. Transparent and flexible, the insert comes with a pocket of an arch, and 3 sets of supports Light, Medium or Firm (I suppose for how high your heels are and what is comfortable for you). I had a go on them with a pair of high heels in the shop and I was absolutely elated. Plus they cost less than half of what the Birkie inserts did!

I bought them, and tried them out yesterday in my 2-inch Kenneth Cole Mary Janes. And they never felt so snug. I walked around town the entire morning, and I am not suffering from the usual aching bunion, toe blisters and painful ankles and knees. What a joy!

I just hope I don't become a shoe fiend, now that my options are wide open...

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