Friday, August 21, 2009

New stuff for KL

The Baby Klimts and Mini Klimts (which are slightly bigger than the Baby), are very popular in KL. Here are just some of the designs going to be available in KL very soon. I personally love how they are simple, modern and so easy to wear. :)

This shipment has been seriously impromptu. The last shipment was supposed to be the final one until the launch of my first cohesive art-inspired collection in October. But Rachel has been saying that stocks are really low, and might not even last until October.

Maya and her good friend, Megan, were super helpers, labelling all the earrings individually, then fashioning a little box from a big one, for this shipment. Thanks Maya and Megan! :)


  1. your welcome aunty Paerl!

  2. sorry i meant aunty Pearl

  3. where do you sell your jewellery in KL? maybe i'll drop by when i go back home to Malaysia during christmas! :) (I'm from Sabah originally, but was planning to make a pitstop in KL for a couple of days).

    i love the mini gold klimt earrings on the top right, the colour combination is superb. >:)

  4. Also, i'm TOTALLY eyeing your honey lemon hoops on etsy!!!

  5. Thanks Natelle! My stuff is at Isetan and Robinson's at both KLCC and Gardens. And also at an indie boutique called Lush Icon, in Bangsar Village II. They stock gorgeous, and very unique designers from Spain, Australia, and a few other countries. You should take a look! I'm sure you'll love the stuff there. :)