Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Doldrums

I have seriously been stuck in a rut for about a week or so, not being able to get any work done, and just wanting to sleep endlessly.

Yesterday's post was a one last ditch at getting rid of this horrible phase. But it didn't work.

It's terrible. Has someone got the Evil Eye on me again? Well, right back at 'cha. (o)

In any case, I have had major doldrums. And interestingly enough, the word "doldrums" actually refers to a section of sea near the equator, where it is known to be deadly calm. So calm that ships of yore could not move even with full mast. The kind of calm that actually causes panic.

So yes, I have been so unable to get anything done, I am actually beginning to worry. Again. About getting projects completed, about getting shipments out, about my first cohesive collection in KL, whose launch date is drawing nearer and nearer...

Hell, I'm so deep in the doldrums I don't even have the energy to hit the panic button.

Ever felt like that?


  1. Hi Pearl, I've experienced the doldrum syndroms alot and it stretches for months.Lol. One way of not letting that get to you and your work is to get out of the house for awhile if you've not been doing so. Be surrounded by nature, exercise and just relax in that awareness for an hour or more, ie: Hortpark/Botanical garden?That would do you some good. Rgds,Kim

  2. Oh Kim, thanks you SO much for your suggestion! That's such a good idea, to go outdoors and get in touch with some greenery. I think another Botanic Gardens picnic is up on the agenda... ;) Thanks again, Kim!! :)