Monday, August 31, 2009

New commissioned stuff

Rainbow agates with silver rhodium rings

Large round Klimt with red aventurine, pink agates,
yellow polymer clay, amethyst and Swarovski pearls

These were made on request from one of my best customers EVER.

The top pair with the rainbow agates is a super call on her part, a variation of the cream pearls with silver rings and coral with silver rings.

As for the large round Klimt, she had sent me pic of a gorgeous blue velvet jacket she had recently acquired, and this is what we decided on. A vibrant, funky number that can go cool and pretty or warm and sexy, depending on what she will be wearing with the jacket this fall. ;)


  1. Love your work!! I get compliments on my earrings from you every time I wear them ~~

    xo Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! How have you been? Hope all is going well. :) So glad you are enjoying your MAYA & RUHI earrings... ;D

  3. Such lovely pieces! which you've "baked" out with your hands and frm yer mind;-) Just had an idea that you may or may not have done, as you may have bouts of doldrums at times, would you consider to have a mini indoor garden/balcony and an inspiration corner in your work space? :-) Kim

  4. Hey Kim,

    That's a good idea! I think I will invest in some potted indoor plants and put it near and around my worktable... THANKS!! :D

  5. Hey Pearl, glad my idea was helpful ;-)Perhaps u could buy those indoor plants that are useful to filter the air at home,they're the best (ie: Mother's tongue that need not watering daily)or some other that are prettier of course ;-)