Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wedding Party Set In Action

Isn't she lovely? Our blushing bride, Tsu Yinn, wears customed MAYA & RUHI, blogged about earlier here.

This ensemble was for the wedding's "disco-party" reception, and it called for something funky yet elegant, unique and luxe, to complement her heavenly turquoise-silk-with-black-lace dress. After some discussion, we decided to make it 'pop' with black onyx, cream pearls, brilliant amethysts, and fancy fuchsia-pink sapphires, to go with her deep-pink peep-toe stilettos.

What an honour for me, 'coz just look how gorgeous this photo of the happy couple has turned out... :) +*sigh*...

This, I can tell you, is every designer's dream. A million thanks, Tsu Yinn!! :)


  1. Thank YOU Pearl for taking the time and patience to make the jewellery! I LOVE IT! =)

  2. they are BEAUTIFUL! so so so so pretty!

  3. great job! they look amazing with her outfit.