Monday, June 29, 2009

So True...

I think we should all exercise this on a regular basis. Otherwise, there'd be no aim, no agenda, no checking off things on the "things to do" list.

(On the other hand, having no agenda sounds like a holiday... which would also be a perfect day.)

Hmmm, yet another conundrum.

(pic from ffffound)


  1. Just had to share with you ~~ how much people LOVE the earrings I got from you!!

    xo Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! You just totally made my day!! :D

  3. Ditto on the earring compliments! I wore the Klimt earrings out to dinner last night and so many people commmented on how much they love them (I of course referred them to the your Etsy store!!) :)

  4. Hi Emily! Thanks so much!! I'll be walking on cloud nine for the rest of today... woo-hoo!!