Thursday, June 25, 2009

New stuff - going to KL

These are just a few of the stuff I made specially for Rachel, who represents MAYA & RUHI in Kuala Lumpur. She has done an amazing job, and recently managed to score another counter at major department store Isetan, at 2 locations - MidValley and KLCC (yes, that gorgeous, gorgeous landmark. It seriously took my breath away when I went to visit.)

So, I'm figuring this out. If I have the same designs on Etsy and in KL, there'd have to be a marked retail price. And really, I don't want to have that hassle of having to police, or having customers suddenly emerge one day saying "How come I bought this for $XXX, and it costs only $XX on Etsy!?" It's quite clear that there are no overheads and whatnot on Etsy, but to a customer, it's just not on.

Sooo, I have decided to have a separate set of designs exclusive to KL. Which is sort of basically what I have been doing since demand grew a little. 'Coz how it all started was Rachel scouting me out over Etsy, so to begin with, she had ordered wholesale off my Etsy "menu".

However, now that I'm carving out a niche in KL, I want to "keep it real". The customers deserve it, and no less. :)

Not to say that I won't be doing Klimts anymore on Etsy. But just different ones... :)

And Rachel, you are right. Now I have 3 avenues for creative expression through jewelry:
1. The super fancy stuff at colette (which I shall also include super fancy commissions for weddings and family pieces)
2. The niche market in KL
3. The handmade appreciators at Etsy

Now, shall I pull out all my hair, or just wait for it to all fall off? :]
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  1. So bummed to read this, as I'm absolutely gaga over the second and fourth earrings pictured here. Seriously. And I don't think I'll be in the KL neighborhood anytime soon.

    *sigh* What can I say - I just love your jewelry.

  2. Hey Jen, thanks so much! Fret not, there's always Alchemy... ;)

  3. Hi Pearl, I read the article in Star so here I am. Just wanted to say the stuff here are so cool. I was reading an old post and came across a pair of pearl earrings with long loops - hope I got that right, just wondering if you are still selling it. This is a great blog and I do enjoy reading everything.

  4. Hi M.Kate! Nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by and loving the blog. Yes, the long wrapped hoops. I think there are some in KL. I will find out and let you know.

    You have a super blog! Gorgeous pics! Wish I was in every one of the super beach holiday ones! ;D

    Thanks again M.Kate!

  5. Dear Pearl,

    I know your work from The Star too. I hope you don't mind me drooling over your beauties at the retail counters till I get enough money to own a piece. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Agnes!

    Nice to 'meet' you! ;) Thanks so much for loving my art. Please feel free to drool over everything you see. I'd be most honoured to be able to inspire anyone's day...

    Thanks again Agnes!