Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New stuff

Hot off the worktable. These are some of the stuff that has materialised from the recent shipment of agate slices...

The fuchsia in this shipment has more fuchsia than black, and is super suited for summer. Dress up or down- with a Little Black Dress for the evenings, or with a white shirt and jeans for the day... So. Cool.

I LOVE this rich, honey-orange colour, with flashes of purple on the rims!! It's organic and progressive at the same time. How super cool is that?

This carnelian one has so many shades of orange, and has such a fresh twist about it. I love how it makes such a sunny statement.

*Update: The pink agate is sold. The orange and the honey-and-purple will be at colette.


  1. so so so beautiful! especially the fuschia choker!!

  2. Super huh? They look even more amazing worn... ;)

  3. Hi Shoshana! How's it going? Thank you so much for loving these. They are truly quite pretty, if I dare say so myself... and proving to be very popular too!! :D

  4. Pearl!

    These are so gorgeous!! Wow ~~

    xo Laura

  5. I'm absolutely nuts for these necklaces! So sad the pink is sold, but I'll check the others out on colette.

  6. Hi K,

    Thanks for loving them!