Monday, May 11, 2009

On My Lust List

You can't go wrong with these little lovelies. These pearl solitaire studs are so timeless and elegant, and would juxtapose very nicely with my tattoos! :)

Fact is, I have been seriously smitten by the pin-up girl look recently - so classy, so classic, so "goddess". And pearl solitaire studs just complete the look - the neat waves of the hair, the regal come-hither gaze, and the full womanly form... beautiful without being gratuitous, sexy without being a sex object. Such a celebration of Woman. Perfect!

Betty Grable, Hedy Lamarr, Ann Miller, Grace Kelly

The gorgeous pearl solitaire studs are available at my friend, Nicole's, Etsy shop, pearlcentury.


  1. Hiya Pearl, I received the two beautiful pairs of earrings that I bought off your etsy store today! They're absolutely beautiful, and I've written about them in my blog post, scheduled to be published tomorrow, 12th May. :) Thanks ever so much!

  2. Hey Natelle! So glad you love your earrings. :) Thanks for the plug! I'll be looking out for it tomorrow... :) Takecare!