Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exercise is a vicious circle

Really, once you start, you can't stop. And I don't mean it the Pringles way...

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy my yoga. My problem lies with the fact that as I practise more regularly, I am developing strength and even more flexibility... no wait... that's all good.
Thing is, it is now requiring me a longer session of yoga, just to break me out into a sweat. I mean, when is this going to stop? I used to sweat profusely at the first sun salutation. Now it takes me three. Then, at the 45-minute point of a session, I would feel nicely spent, the bite of the strain, when you know you have done something in contribution to flattening your tummy. Now it takes one hour.
Then there are those days when I lose a bit of self-control and skip a session. Oh no. Then it's like feeling like a soaked up sponge, the weight of a brick, for the next few days. Not pleasant, I can assure you.
I'm thinking: if there's no bite, then you wouldn't have worked out, no? What good is a one-hour workout if you don't break out in sweat? I don't want to end up yoga-ing for 2 hours and still don't feel the bite... that'd be... pointless??
It's a conundrum. For me at least.
(pic from yoga journal)

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