Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate Orange Cousins

I am a complete sucker for the combo of chocolate-orange.

Terry's Chocolate Orange... ah, what can I say?... Pure genius. The recipe, the concept, the packaging... it's the Real McCoy, I tell you. And those segments are sumptuously chewable-chunky, mind you. Mm-mm-mmmmm.

But, approaching 40 with a metabolic rate that's ever-decreasing, and a waist that's ever-increasing, I have had to find alternatives...

Alpen Light, Chocolate and Orange flavour. Two words - Tor. Ture. I will not lie.

As you unwrap the bar, the aroma of chocolate-orange is prominent, and promising. But when you bite into it, it all strangely disappears...

The taste, at best, is of a toasted something... or the other. A little nutty, slightly corn-flaky... and that's about it. Makes me feel like washing it down with a reassuring Terry's Hot Chocolate-Orange Drink...

But hey, I guess I should stick with chocolate-orange smelling toasted-somethings. 'Coz I really cannot be 5ft 4inches, and be weighing 60kg.

So if I can't have The Real Thing, I'll have to settle for It's Ugly Cousin. No offence, Alpen Light.


  1. Once you have the Terry's, you will not go back to normal chocolate, I swear. As for the Alpen Light... good luck. :/