Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New (commissioned) stuff

I had the pleasure of working with raw sapphires for this fancy commissioned piece, made entirely from the birthstones of my lovely client's family members - sapphire, onyx, citrine and pearl. Such a super idea!

She decided on a triple-strand for a luxe look, and prefered the centrepiece to hang low because she felt more comfortable. I think it adds a very nice and subtle dramatic effect to the piece.

And then it was time to decide whether we wanted it to festoon, or remain compact... I really loved the festooned look, but my client wanted something more "wearable-luxe", something she could wear to work and work-related events (she's a fashion editor), so we stuck with the compact look.

From there we moved on to matching earrings. I suggested a simple citrine drop, and my client came up with the design to incorporate all the stones...

... so that "if my daughters fight over who gets what next time, they can each have either the necklace or the earrings, and both will have all our birthstones."

This project has certainly been one of my most meaningful and fun ones... :D

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