Monday, October 15, 2012

Scenes from MAYA & RUHI at Old Spitalfields Market

Glad to report: all went with MAYA & RUHI at Old Spitalfields, without any major hitches or squabbles.  Although the day's takings weren't fantastic, we all had great fun!

Maya the Muscle.  Doesn't look like it, but this girl can lug the shop-in-a-suitcase up and down flights of steps in the Underground.  O_O!
... and After. :)

Lots of gushing-over, and tryings-on, and a few sales.  All in all the day went really quickly.  It wasn't as busy as I expected, but at least we managed to cover cost.  I suppose it's still a little early for Christmas shopping.

Lunch break for the hardworking.  Chicken Chow Mein!

 As such, there's a whole lot more I will be putting up at the online shop.  As soon as I get round to photographing all of them, and sitting at the computer for a couple of hours.  Watch this space! ;)

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