Friday, October 26, 2012

Of Swaps and Squares

I've put my name down for some fun via the lovely blog oh, hello friend.  If you haven't been round, you've got to.  Danni shares some of the most wonderful ideas and inspiration for simplicity and gorgeousness.  Plus, she does loads of fantastic deals and yummy giveaways! :)

Anyway, what happens with this shop/swap is that, if you are a crafter with a shop, you sign up for the swap, and Danni will pair you up with another crafter with a shop, and you send each other a surprise-something!  How fun is that! :D


On another note, my Big Square Baby Blanket is coming along nicely.  A few more rows and I should be done.  I just hope there is enough of this baby-soft cotton yarn to go round.  Coz I bought this yarn in Singapore, and I don't even have the labels to search for it online.  Silly me: should always keep yarn labels...

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