Friday, November 6, 2009

The Waiting Game

Every Friday, I dedicate my evening and night to Them Two's ballet lessons. We set off from home at around 5.30pm to have dinner and be in time for Ruhi's lesson at 7pm. As soon as Ruhi's lesson finishes at 8pm, Maya's lesson begins. And this usually goes on until around 9.30pm.

Yep, these are my Fridays. A couple of hours of pure, unadulterated Waiting. Of course I try to make them a semi-productive couple of hours. I bring my magazines and/or my trusty jotter book to sketch any ideas that might come floating into my mind, while half-watching the girls do their thang. But most of the time, I would rather be sitting at my worktable crafting up something or the other.

Inadvertently, Ruhi, who has come out of her lesson and joined me in The Waiting Game, will make attempts at culling the boredom.

She is entirely serious about making things look fabulous. Here is a bracelet, and the beginnings of a matching, "super-fabulous" earring...

... that reaches the floor.


  1. Haha so cute! Her creativity knows no limits!

  2. Hey Pearl! Thanks for a sneek peek at your weekly Friday ritual!