Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Do Laundry

Maya has been trying to fatten up her bank balance towards a waveboard, and finding ways and means about it. So she's been helping around the house, for a nominal fee. Fact is, she's is getting quite good at folding and putting away the clothes.

And yesterday, Ruhi decided to whip out her ironing board and help with the "ironing"...

"Look Maya! Sophie is chewing on Daddy's underwear!!" And instead of salvaging Daddy's underwear, they stand there and laugh their heads off.

Maya, on her way to becoming expert clothes-folder. Just look at those super neat piles!

And why Ruhi needs to wear her swimming cap to iron the clothes, I have no idea.


  1. teehee! that's super cute. I like that Ruhi is wearing her swim cap. LOL. classic. I'm totally having bookshelf envy right now!!!

  2. maya once you get your waveboard we can skate together!

  3. This is so cute! You have such beautiful daughters, Pearl! :)

  4. Hey Natelle, you wear your swimcap to iron you clothes too? ;p I dare you to post a pic... heh heh...

    As for the bookshelf, Thanks! I completely have bookshelf envy flipping through the Ikea catalogue. No prizes as to where I got mine from...

  5. Thanks Emily! They'll feel downright fabulouz reading your comment! ;D

  6. I can almost see you beaming from ear to ear... You must be so proud Pearl, you did a great job!